Our Passion

3 generations dedicated to the production of olive oil A passion handed down over time

Our history as olive oil millers is a history of passions that has been handed down over time.

The Passannante family, for more than 60 years engaged in the production of extra virgin olive oil, leads the company directly, arriving today to the 3rd generation.

Irene, Rossana and Antonio, together with Maria and Michele, carry on the project undertaken more than 60 years ago by grandparents Irene and Antonio, combining respect for tradition with sustainable business management aimed at safeguarding biodiversity and the agricultural landscape.


The preservation of biodiversity and the agricultural landscape have always been central aspects of our company philosophy.

It is no coincidence that we continue the cultivation of plants placed in steep and difficult areas. Those same plants that deliver us only a few thousand bottles but that amply repay us for the effort to obtain them. An olive oil, therefore, fruit of effort and respect for tradition and the territory.

Yes, that’s right. Behind our olive oil there is culture, territory and tradition.
Culture, territory and tradition that continue, after all these years, still to inspire us.

Because, in addition to producing, our job as olive oil millers has a very specific purpose: to preserve those places from which it all began and to pass on the ancient knowledge that was transmitted to us with such tenacity by our ancestors.

Olio Passannante is not only synonymous with excellence but represents a broader project whose purpose is to enhance the territory and the Italian olive heritage and promote the spread of olive oil culture throughout the world.