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Extra virgin olive oil

Step into the world of Passannante and you will discover that for us making olive oil means art! The olive oil and our dream

As children we grew up with the genuine taste of homemade things.

Today we have grown up and we would like to be children again to smell those scents of the past that tasted of celebration.

This is the spirit with which we produce our extra virgin olive oil.

We only grind quality olives, custodians of an authentic-flavored olive oil that we ourselves eat: and that’s what we’ve been doing for over 60 years.

The result is an olive oil with very low acidity, medium fruity and a sweet and balanced taste. Elegant and delicate. The bitterness is light. The spicy, persistent.

It is distinguished for his high content of total phenols and for his richness of oleic acid.

A unique olive oil that comes from cultivars selected directly from our land and which deliver a limited number of products to us.

Because craftsmanship needs its production times.

Olio di Oliva di qualità superiore
Olio di Oliva di qualità superiore
olio extravergine in frantoio

Our dream? It is that everyone can eat healthy and live better.

It is for this reason that we are constantly engaged in the production of quality, genuine and intact olives for our oil. Fruits guardians of an olive oil with a fragrant flavor.

With our extra virgin olive oil you will rediscover that memory of the taste of genuine homemade things.


Taste the quality of our olive oil


Here are the distinctive features of   Oilo!

Low acidity. An absolutely perfect taste.

Limited production: craftsmanship needs its production times.

Characteristic, harmonious and complete taste. With a full and balanced aroma. An olive oil capable of supporting most dishes without ever appearing too “protagonist”.

We work passionately because we like what we do.

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Extra virgin olive oil packaged in the olive oil mill