Where and when

From the unspoiled nature of the Vulture the extra virgin olive oil you do not expect For more than 60 years the olive oil has been our passion

Where we are

Vista del Vulture dall'ulivetto

Mount Vùlture is an extinct volcano located in Basilicata, in the north-eastern part of the region. It is surrounded by beautiful hills formed following the numerous eruptions of the volcano.

They have particular characteristics that make them perfect for agriculture.

They are in fact the ideal place for the cultivation of splendid vineyards, from which the famous Aglianico del Vulture is obtained, and of centuries-old olive groves, from which the precious olive oil is extracted.

On the slopes of Monte Vulture, surrounded by a verdant and natural breathtaking setting, at an altitude of about 660 slm, two lakes stretch out: the lakes of Monticchio, typical volcanic lakes occupying the main crater of the volcanic building existing during its final phase of activity.

Laghi di monticchio

The cultivar

Olive buone

The ogliarola is one of most widespread cultivars for olive oil production in southern Italy.

In Basilicata, Ogliarola is particularly widespread in the Vulture area.
The olive oil produced from this cultivar it is of excellent quality.
It has a medium fruitiness.  Overall harmonious and elegant.

An olive oil with a strong character, which manages to combine aroma and body without any of its characteristics ever overriding the others.

An ancient olive tree from which a very modern extra virgin olive oil is obtained.
It perfectly embodies the taste of the vast majority of consumers looking for high quality olive oil capable of supporting most dishes without ever appearing too “protagonist”.

However, each micro-territory has its own peculiarities that do not distort the characteristics of the cultivars but enrich them with some facets.
The olive oil obtained from Ogliarola del Vulture, therefore, due to the particular soil of this territory (volcanic origin), for the position of the olive groves (about 500 meters above sea level) and for the harsh winters and the warm summers, with a noticeable temperature range between night and day, is more varied on the palate.

Muschio sugli ulivi in inverno

The harvest

Autunno raccolta olive

Autumn: olive harvest time!
But when do you pick them exactly?

The olive harvest season is autumn.
The right period, the month, depends on the cultivar, the microclimate and the particular climatic trend.

How do you know when the olives are ready to be harvested?

For oil olives, the best time for harvesting is when the veraison, that is the change in color of the fruit which from green becomes purple, is at 50-60%.
It is in that moment that there is the greatest quantitative concentration of olive oil and phenolic compounds that give the organoleptic and nutritional qualities to the olive oil.

Invaiatura olive

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